Hi, i’m Koosha Hashemi


What i do

I’m specialized in digital marketing for Iranian lawyers worldwide:

  • I provide tailor made digital marketing solutions, turning your ideas into an actual online business.
  • I help you solve your problems, ease your design decisions, and make concrete recommendations to enhance your online presence.
  • I start with behavioural research of your target clients. To identify their needs and turn these into a strategy.
  • I focus on Conversion and real evidence, not opinions or fancy charts.

My aim is simply to get you the right clientele, within a price-point & timescale.

Why working with me

I know very well that my success is only a mirror of your success. So I make sure that your law firm, however big or small is seen in all the right places.

My strength comes from total dedication to UX (user experience) & CONVERSION tracking, and my ability to really get to know my clients, their businesses and their goals.

Get real clients, not just monthly reports!

Being a small company means I have no need for “account managers” or other go-betweens which ensure direct lines of communication, complete clarity and transparency.

Top notch service, obsession with detail, and that little bit of care that goes a long way.

I don’t make any grandeur claims about my company. Results will speak for themselves.

AVa ltd.
Established 1998 UK
Company ID: 358 6949
VAT. 877 7595 44