Hi, i’m Koosha Hashemi


What i do

  • I provide tailor made online solutions, turning your ideas into an actual online business.
  • I help you solve your problems, ease your design decisions, and make concrete recommendations to enhance your site or service.
  • I start with behavioural research of your customers. To identify their needs and turn these into a strategy.
  • I focus on real evidence, not opinions.

Why working with me

I know very well that my success is only a mirror of your success. So I make sure that your company however big or small is seen in all the right places.

I myself carry out the work as that is the only way we can ensure the highest level of service is maintained and delivered.

My strength comes from total dedication to UX (User experience) & CONVERSION tracking, and my ability to really get to know my clients, their businesses and their goals.

Rather than monthly reports, I  send you real clients.

Being a small company means I have no need for “account managers” or other go-betweens which ensure direct lines of communication, complete clarity and transparency.

I don’t make any grandeur claims about my company. Results will speak for itself.