Checklist for customer service excellence

The essentials – features and functionality that customers expect:

  • Contact information clearly displayed
  • 800 number – preferably on the home page
  • FAQs
  • Real-time inventory that assures shoppers of product availability
  • Stepped checkout to ensure a streamlined order flow
  • Post-order confirmation appears post checkout and is sent via email
  • Features that add to the customer experience
  • Listing customer service hours
  • Standing behind products by offering a 100% guarantee
  • Product photo in the cart, which helps recall while averting returns
  • Recap of cart contents on the thank-you page
  • One-click checkout
  • Ability to sign up for “back in stock” emails
  • Putting return forms online

Areas where impact should be weighed against cost implications

  • Limiting customer service hours
  • Longer shipping times to reduce shipping cost
  • Not sending email when order is shipped!